Hold My Interest


I often question the logic in things,
The reality of nature.
From the outside looking in,
The realm is so small,
I can almost taste my destination,
Fluttering in my possession.
Like…A window,
On the other side a tree,

But to soon be struck by lighting,
Falling to the heavens feet.
A blinded sight of thunder,
Every single detail the way it should be.
Now standing in,
Looking out,

Yearning to escape,
To believe in what can’t be replaced.
Otherwise compelled to NOT imagine the multitude of violence, negativity, individual war,

That WE as humans, as brothers and sisters of each other,
Bring amongst one another.
How every single breathing moment you live,
Is just one single breathing moment closer to your death.

And how being sane,
Isn’t just part of living,
But also a part of living insane.
We all know where sinners go,
But sin has apparently always been thee norm.
We all know of the profoundless attempts to reconstruct the world.
How our fate is seemingly out of boundaries,
Unto nations eager to rebel,
Motivated by greed and Hell.
Why waist a gifted moment,
On a regret that is not even rewarding?
Why anticipate an everlasting enduring love,
When humanity is nothing but CRUEL?



SMILE anyways

Showing weakness is not being weak, it’s being honest.
Even then, SMILE!
Even when it hurts, and things seem out of control…
When anger is all you got to show and you feel like you just can’t deal with shit anymore…
Though your days may seem dreary, and nothing goes as planned, but deep down inside you know that God has got the perfect plan instead…
Keep smiling!
It does the heart good to smile, it gives you strength from a higher power.
Soo, even when your feeling down, broken at the bottom, all hollow,
Even when all others take you for granted or even speak badly of you,
One smile can go a long way,
You never know when others are also having a bad day.
Even though it may take much energy…
Sooner or later your heartache will fade away, and God’s shining light will illuminate the appropriate way.
Soo, no matter what people say,
No matter how bad things appear to be, even when you feel like going insane,
Show the gratitude and warmth in your heart and…
just -smile-


Let me lend you a Hand, Please!

“The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.”

– Swedish Proverb

I’ve learned over the years that at the presence of others, we always have ourselves. And of course, that God will never abandon us as long as we remain true to him.

I’ve learned that we can not help others whom do not truly want to be helped. And of course, that at the end of the day we must always depend on God to give us wisdom and strength in order to stretch forth a lending hand.

During times of distress and need, it is not always easy to find honest help. Society has evolved! Sharing no longer means Caring.—- This is what God commands, to love thy neighbor as thy would thee self.

Even so the universe gets further and further away from God’s logic. Society has retracted it’s extended hand without any concern.

Don’t twist it! It is possibly to find the grace of God amongst others and receive their kind blessings. For these are the people who will be eternally rewarded.

All the same, there are also those whom will set you on fire, so to say. Leave you stranded when they can easily help out. Those are the greedy, the ungodly.

So there you stand, alone as you think with no one to help….And then…. There’s God! Whom has never left. If you put you hope, trust, and faith in him, you shall seek every opportunity that is right for that moment in your life.

All you have to do is PRAY hard and make an even harder (GRACEFUL) effort. And always do to others as you would want them to do to you. For this, God will reward you even more!

Realization of the Heart

As I’m sitting here laying on my bed, wondering what the fuck I’m doing…
As in, doing with my life, my relationship, my career…
I look at my daughter and I see hope. I see Godly success. The miracles of life intertwined with my heavy mental events.
Although, I look for quality I don’t strive for perfection. I try to do my best but it doesn’t always work in affection, so I give it a rest.
It’s like a fight each day within myself! How foolish of me.

I pray that as I channel out some of these emotions through this blog, I will find comfort in my heart for all the blessings I seem to take for granted.
That the realization of the wonderful and joyous aspects of my life will be revealed through my very own reflective shadow of writing presence. My eyes will open, and ears will hear, and the patience that struggles with all of my fears will pour out to flow as water on an unwithered rose.

It seems only rational to partake in the never-ending, uneasiness of life. Being around those whom erk the very last sain nerve right off the batting edge of my might. Who is to say where I will land right now. The sky is the limit, I’m soaring in the clouds.

In the midst of it all, I see myself, and I see my kids, I rejoice in the Wonderful things God has given me. I smile and then I cry! A tear for the joy, a tear fire the sorrow. To only keep faith that I will be able to live lifetill old age next to the ones I love on earth.