2015 – A Year Of Compassion, Kindness & Connection

New Year, New Attitude.

Garden of Goodness


How will you begin the new year??? I hope to bring more awareness into my life this new year by simply living a life that requires more observing, being a little more compassionate, kind and connecting more with others. This past year has seen a lot of challenges and I believe it is possible to shift the direction of our world and culture through the power of one individual collectively. Each of us can make a choice to change those things that denigrate and lessen our humanity. We can ask the critical questions, take inventory of who we desire to be and act with integrity to bring about a more humane, compassionate and connected world.

Here is an article I would like to share that is a wonderful way to start and end each day. With these 7 habits practiced daily, we become more grateful and aware of all the…

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Police Have Never Been Trained for Equality or Merit Towards All People

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

I support the right for every American to have at least one gun; and I support having the right to self defense against police; cops are no different than the citizens they claim to serve and protect. Actually, they are. They are public servants, allegedly, here to protect the people from harm and wrong. They are supposed to be the peace keepers, the ones you call in times of crisis; safety and the ‘good guys’. In addition, they should be held to higher punitive standards.

Yet in America even when the first “Police/Sheriff” squad was founded it was not founded based on those principles…at least not for equally. After slavery ‘ended’ in the South police, more or less, became the new ‘title’ for what previously was known as the ‘overseer’. Meaning, keeping Blacks oppressed and whites ‘safe’. In the Northern parts of America Police mainly focused on petty crimes…

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Can a commercial development be used to block Big Oil?

Simple disillusion..


Environmental groups in Vancouver, Wash. are rallying for the rapid development of a $1.3 billion real estate project along the Columbia River. We know, we know: Why would environmentalists want to see the bank of a river plastered with 32 acres of shops, office buildings, and apartment towers? To block something even worse: oil.

Here’s the scoop: The development, called Waterfront, would sit two miles west of the proposed terminal. Oil trains would pass within a few hundred feet of the project’s towers. So, if there was ever a teensy mishap — a spill, or perchance a derailment? — public safety would be at risk. If Waterfront, which was approved back in November 2013, is built soon, it will make for a steep path to approval for the oil terminal.

That gigantic terminal would transfer North Dakota crude oil by rail cars to barges, on which trains would pass through Vancouver each day, carrying approximately 360,000…

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A Man of A Few Words…

Silent Words…

Life Journal

“A man of a few words,” he said. “I hope I am expressing my feelings to you through my silence.”


Silence and words: two contradictory words with similar effects. How so? Silence is saying nothing. It’s non vocal, but can express a lot of feelings, which are sometimes stronger than the feelings words can express.

Silence can express pain.

Silence can express suffering.

Silence can express satisfaction.

Silence can express gratitude.

Silence can express humbleness.

Silence can express wisdom.

silent shirt

To be silent can be the expression of many things, but how do we know what feelings the silence expresses? By looking at ones eyes, you can tell what they are trying to say silently. It is said that the eyes are the windows to ones’ soul, and it is true. The eyes have intricate movements and expressions that say more than a thousand words.

The expression of the eyes can…

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Police Checkpoints: I’m Not Doing Anything Wrong, But I Definitely Have Something to Worry About


I Am Not Doing Anything Wrong But I Definitely Have Something to Worry About

By Daisy Luther – The Organic Prepper

Every year around this time, it just isn’t the holiday season if you don’t end up stuck in a long line of traffic going through a mandatory DUI checkpoint.  The cops are looking for people drinking and driving, and this unconstitutional search has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

And every year around this time, when I say it is a violation of my rights, someone chimes in:

“If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about.”

It’s entirely possible that if I hear this argument one more time this year, I’m going to have something to worry about, because there’s going to be the body in my trunk.

I was involved in a conversation on a thread online about these checkpoints and I was deeply saddened by the dozens of people who think having their rights violated is…

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