SMILE anyways

Showing weakness is not being weak, it’s being honest.
Even then, SMILE!
Even when it hurts, and things seem out of control…
When anger is all you got to show and you feel like you just can’t deal with shit anymore…
Though your days may seem dreary, and nothing goes as planned, but deep down inside you know that God has got the perfect plan instead…
Keep smiling!
It does the heart good to smile, it gives you strength from a higher power.
Soo, even when your feeling down, broken at the bottom, all hollow,
Even when all others take you for granted or even speak badly of you,
One smile can go a long way,
You never know when others are also having a bad day.
Even though it may take much energy…
Sooner or later your heartache will fade away, and God’s shining light will illuminate the appropriate way.
Soo, no matter what people say,
No matter how bad things appear to be, even when you feel like going insane,
Show the gratitude and warmth in your heart and…
just -smile-



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