Acute Sinusitis – Infection, Causes & Remedies

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Natural Relief From Sinusitis

acute sinusitis

Sinusitis is a disease to which millions of people around the world can relate. People suffering from it can experience inflammation in the tissue lining of the sinus cavities. It may occur due to various reasons like due to an allergen, a pollutant, an irritant, or even a bacterial infection. This medical condition is of two types- acute and chronic sinusitis. One suffers from acute sinusitis when infection develops fast in sinuses and it last for more than two or three weeks. One of its main causes is the spread of viruses and bacteria in sinuses. Other causes include poor immune system, flue, cold, pregnancy, and smoking.

If you are suffering from acute sinus infection then you may also suffer from dental pain, cough, bad breath, stuffy nose, fatigue, breathing difficulties, fever, nausea, pain near eyes, nose or forehead, and sore throat. In most cases, people are infected of virus…

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