The 3 things that struck my Nerves

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness.

The three most belly-twisting nervousness moments….

  1. The wait for my 1 yr old son’s brain surgery,
  2. The birth of my 6 1/2 months (premature) 2nd son, and
  3. Thoughts of Being in Love.                               Although, nothing could compare to that of the first two…. Those were truly the most nervous moments of my life.





2 thoughts on “The 3 things that struck my Nerves

  1. Oh, nothing does compare to the nerve-wracking, soul-wrenching, scary quality of the first two. I can hardly imagine how you felt and dealt with those moments.

    • Yes indeed,I experienced my 1st son’s surgery at the age of 19 and the way too early birth of my 2nd son at the age of 21.I was young, and without much guidance, it was horrible. Not knowing whether your baby’s will pull through and survive. The worst un-easiness feeling exsistant to my knowledge.I will gladly praise my higher power for giving us all strength in those moments and all the moments that followed,because I now have two healthy little boys who are full of energy and charisma,they are smart and one would never think they endured all they have experienced. They are truly my strong little fighters. Mommy’s Soldiers!

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