Realization of the Heart

As I’m sitting here laying on my bed, wondering what the fuck I’m doing…
As in, doing with my life, my relationship, my career…
I look at my daughter and I see hope. I see Godly success. The miracles of life intertwined with my heavy mental events.
Although, I look for quality I don’t strive for perfection. I try to do my best but it doesn’t always work in affection, so I give it a rest.
It’s like a fight each day within myself! How foolish of me.

I pray that as I channel out some of these emotions through this blog, I will find comfort in my heart for all the blessings I seem to take for granted.
That the realization of the wonderful and joyous aspects of my life will be revealed through my very own reflective shadow of writing presence. My eyes will open, and ears will hear, and the patience that struggles with all of my fears will pour out to flow as water on an unwithered rose.

It seems only rational to partake in the never-ending, uneasiness of life. Being around those whom erk the very last sain nerve right off the batting edge of my might. Who is to say where I will land right now. The sky is the limit, I’m soaring in the clouds.

In the midst of it all, I see myself, and I see my kids, I rejoice in the Wonderful things God has given me. I smile and then I cry! A tear for the joy, a tear fire the sorrow. To only keep faith that I will be able to live lifetill old age next to the ones I love on earth.


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