Memories of my early Inner child.

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail: the place, the setting, the sights, smells, and sounds.

My earliest memory consists of many memories….I can’t seem to think of one specific memory alone. I can remember smiling a lot and being happy! Feeling the warm island breeze, and smelling all the piercing tropical smells. Both of my parents caring for me with pure love for eachother. I was surrounded by both sides of my family, it was blissful the wholeness feeling as a small child. I dwelt in no worries. Every day was a grace of sunshine.
I remember once finding a litter of kittens in the garage while playing outside on what seemed like one of the hottest days I’ve ever felt. The birds were loud. The wind felt good and I wanted some Guava fruits from my grandpa’s yard. I remember crying day after day because a kitten would get ran over on the dangerous curb next to our house. Learning then that “9 lives” is worthless!
I remember riding around with my mom, her sister, and her sister’s boyfriend while they were smoking what I assume, and hope for, was weed. But now looking back it could have been dope, just the same to me at that age. After that I remember getting to someone’s house and biting my aunts boyfriend on his leg for teasing me.
I remember spending time with other friends and family at the age of 2,3, and 4. Most of the things from way back then that remain are just a blur now, tragically!!


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